Cash Management

Banking solutions to help you manage your accounts and cash flow with ease, prevent fraud and save time.

Products & Services

Online banking is an efficient and easy way to monitor daily activity, watch for unusual transactions, and manage your bank accounts 24/7.

Benefits and Features

    • Track transactions in real time
    • Place stop payments on your checking accounts
    • Transfer funds between Sunrise Banks accounts
    • Dual control options for added security
    • Multiple levels of user security appropriate for user responsibilities
    • Alerts regarding account balances and activities
    • Export data
    • Make loan payments
    • Submit tax payments
Make non-cash deposits into your bank account without ever leaving your desk.

Benefits and Features

    • Same-Day credit
    • Access EZ Deposit via Windows Operating System, Internet Explorer and a check scanner that we provide
    • Consolidate funds from multiple locations
    • Reduce bank courier fees
    • Reduce employee travel expenses
    • Quickly download deposit files into your accounting system
    • Designated authorized users for Information security
A tool to help reduce your chance of check fraud losses.

Benefits and Features

    • Detects counterfeit/altered checks allowing you  to validate your business’ issued checks
    • Easy to use through your online banking account
    • Verify checks presented for payment
    • Monitor all checks or just those at a dollar amount threshold
    • Email notification is sent whenever exceptions occur
For your checking accounts that have no ACH debit activity.

Benefits and Features

    • Protects you from ACH debits posting to your account
    • Never worry about unauthorized ACH transactions
    • Compares your incoming ACH debits to a list of your authorized ACH payees
    • Unauthorized ACH debits will be returned
    • Gives you the flexibility to securely send and receive electronic payments through the ACH network
    • Use ACH to pay employees and vendors
    • Use ACH to collect payments, fees for services/supplies, and donations Users and file limits are established for your security

    • A convenient and secure way to transfer money or make same-day payments world-wide
    • Repetitive codes are available when wiring to the same company on a regular basis
    • Wire transfers initiated through online banking are at a reduced fee
Available through your Online Banking account. You may never find the need to write paper checks again!
    • Make one-time payments or schedule recurring and future payments
    • Choose to receive vendor bills electronically through Bill Pay
Designed to help you manage your daily cash flow while providing efficient use of your funds. One way or two way sweeps are available using your deposit and loans.
    • Use to maintain a zero balance account (ZBA) or peg balance to save interest expense on your line of credit
    • Use for a peg balance to reduce your DDA service charges
    • Use for overdraft protection and avoid the risk of having your checks returned
    • A cost effective solution for accepting card payments
    • Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express accepted
    • Options for small and large merchants, online or face-to-face environment
    • Wireless, PC based and card swipe terminals available based on your business’ needs
    • Provides detailed DDA service charge analysis for certain DDA types
    • Available through Online Banking at no charge or can be mailed to you for a fee.
    • No need to wait for your statements to arrive by mail
    • You will be notified via email when your statement is ready for viewing
    • Your statements are free when accessed through Online Banking, or can be mailed to you for a fee.
    • Receive invoice addenda records tied to ACH payments
    • EDI Notifications through Online Banking are provided to you at no additional cost.
Allows you to receive return item information quicker, receive alternative notifications regarding returned items, and request special processing of items. Notification options are available.
From shop supplies to travel and entertainment, consolidate all expenses to a business credit card for better expense tracking and cash flow.
    • Card programs are offered for all businesses from small nonprofits and sole proprietors to large corporations. 
    • Let us help you choose the right card.
    • Rewards, consolidated billing and zero fraud liability protection are all free services included with your card.
ICSSM and CDARS® offer the peace of mind that comes with access to multimillion-dollar FDIC insurance, the opportunity to earn interest on your deposits, and flexibility. You can choose the service or combination of services that best match your needs for returns and access to your funds.

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